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Saturday, 17 March 2012

literature essay

        Based on the novel ‘the Railway Children’ by Edith Nestbit, there are many moral value that I got.
       Firstly, we need to be brave. In this novel, the character that had showed her braveness is Bobbie. Bobbie is as brave as lion. One day, as usual, the children went to their usual place to do their routine. Suddenly, a landslide happened there and blocked the railway line. The children wanted to save the train that they came out with an idea. Peter took a knife from his pocket and cut his two sister’s red petticoats to make flags to stop the train. When the train approached, Bobbie thought the train will not stop as it kept coming, so she took the flag on the railway line and waved them on the railway line. The train did stop. Bobbie’s bravery had made the train stopped and saved many people’s life. We should be brave like her.
       Secondly, we should not steal things that not belong to us. Peter had done a wrong thing. One night, Peter and his sister went to the railway station to take some coal from the large heap of coal beside the station. They did that because mother told them they could not have coal in June. When Peter was busy filling up his bag with coals, the station master came out and caught him. Peter thought nobody would mind if he took some from the middle of the heap, but he was wrong. The stationmaster advised him and Peter promised not to do it again.
       Lastly, we should be responsible. In this novel, mother is responsible to her children. When father went away with the two man to somewhere else, mother took care of the children. She took the children to the country to solve the money problem. She wrote stories to gain money because father was away and they had no money to buy food. Mother take the bull by its horn herself. We should be like her.
       For the conclusion, those are the moral values that I got from the novel ‘ the Railway Children’.

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